Company overview

Driven to innovate and with a proven record of double-digit growth, Ceva is one of the fastest growing top 10 animal healthcare companies. Our vision reaches far beyond animal health and welfare.

It’s estimated that a staggering 75% of all emerging human infectious diseases originate from animals and birds. These zoonoses, as they’re known, are what compel us to innovate – to succeed in the fight against the likes of avian flu, brucellosis and Q-fever. They’re one of the driving forces behind our vision: ‘Together, beyond animal health’.

We work with welfare and social programmes around the world to bring this vision to life – anywhere our products and know-how can make a difference and with all kinds of partners. From Uganda, working with small-scale livestock owners and vets to stop sleeping sickness in its tracks, to the UK and USA, where we supply the biggest animal welfare charities with Adaptil® collars to help re-home shelter dogs.

We’re truly global, based in 44 countries and working across more than 110. We have 13 R&D centres, 23 production sites and more than 5000 employees worldwide.

Ceva-Phylaxia is a GMP approved factory. Ceva Biomune is certified by the USDA. Both sites produce live as well as inactivated viral and bacterial vaccines.  In Mexico and Brazil, they produce rather for the local and national market, authorised by also the GMP certificate, of course.  Ceva Cuernavaca is specialized in avian influenza vaccines.

Concerning R&D, there are 3 main teams. One of them is at Ceva-Phylaxia with its R&D staff of more than 120 people, the other one is at Ceva Biomune in the US, and the third team is in Japan developing mainly vector vaccines. These 3 teams are working together on common projects; meanwhile the emphasis is put on getting their relationship closer and closer. Our R&D units have a rich spectrum of cooperation with universities, institutes and research centers throughout the world.

As a member of the Ceva veterinary group, the Budapest based Ceva-Phylaxia is continuing the research and production of vaccines in the same strategic way. During the last decade Ceva-Phylaxia has been gaining more and more ground also in the growing international competition, it exports 95% of the its products, to the market of the major meat producing countries like Brazil, Thailand, China, Mexico and South Africa.
The company is committed to producing differentiated, innovative results at every level. Our researchers are internationally recognised pioneers. We are committed to responding as quickly as possible to new situations. From 2000 until the present day, the company has multiplied its sales by 1500%.
Among our most significant achievements we keep count of two of our vaccine manufacturing plants, as the results of the intensive investment and development project series started in 2002: one of them is the viral vaccines plant inaugurated in 2004, the other one is the plant for aerob and anaerob bacterial vaccines production, opened newly, in 2010.

In 2017 the new B5 plant has been built. The newly developed robotized production lines use all the latest technology.  Antigen production capacity has doubled, and 2 separate laboratories dedicated to inactivated antigen production have also been added. Part of the new production facility will also be dedicated to producing new technology vaccines used in poultry hatcheries.  These vaccines use a virus strain named named after József Marek, a veterinary scientist who worked at Phylaxia, ensuring that his innovation will continue to have impact through the billions of doses of vaccine that will be produced in the new facility and used by poultry producers throughout the world.

Full Circle of Innovation

All plants are in compliance with, hence certified by the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), the European quality management system. In the meantime, there has been several further producing, filling and R&D units built on the site; most recently, the newest research and diagnostics laboratory.
Represented by the staff of 600 employees, our company is proud of its traditions and origins; where János Köves's notion – that is also a guiding principle – is still up-to-date today:
 "One is worth as much as their work is worth; the significance of an institute – as a community – is given by the value of the work of its members."

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