Through our commitment to animal health and well-being, Ceva Santé Animale contributes to essential human needs. Join us !

Together, let’s be who you are.

People are the key to success of any company. 
It’s Ceva people who over its first decade built the fastest growing veterinary company* and together with our business partners we will grow our business in the future.
Because you are an individual, we encourage our Managers to Manage and develop plans that will help you grow in a team environment

Experienced Candidates

Young professional


Free to decide, engaged to grow.

The freedom to choose, to take control and make decisions is a key part of what makes Ceva different. 
At Ceva we are independent but also interdependent.  We have the individual space to operate but also help our colleagues when they are in difficulty.

Ceva is different.

To join or work for Ceva is to free one’s spirit, release inner qualities, skills and differences. Ceva is a life experience, an adventure, an unconventional world, where union through strength and individual freedom combine to really make a difference. 
Ceva is a breath of fresh air, a place where you can feel the close links between humans, animals and our planet, all in one job.


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