When it comes to production, we think and act ‘glocal’. You’ll find the exacting standards of our global plants in all our local plants – so wherever our customers are they receive the same level of excellence from us.

Bacterial Production Plant

Ceva-Phylaxia, Budapest

We have 4 strategic campuses and 23 regional production sites around the world (mainly for our biological products). Our R&D and industrial groups work together to ensure a smooth transition from final development to full production.

Because we cover the globe, we’re well positioned to adapt our products and services to meet local specifications and demand.

Every customer faces different day-to-day challenges in ensuring the health and welfare of the animals in their care.  We work closely with each of them to define dedicated solutions, country by country, and farm by farm.

The expansion of Ceva-Phylaxia production capacities and the continuing improvement of its efficiency allow the company’s manufacturing facilities to meet ever-increasing demands.

The production was multiplied by 1000 since Ceva took over the responsibility of the factory. The company has more than 2300 licences worldwide.

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